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Welcome to Wine Country

Skylon’s Summer Picks: Best Wines for Warm Weather

With warm weather and longer days spent under the sun, wine lovers are left reconsidering their choice of wine.  Drinking full-bodied wines like a Cabernet, when the sun is high and the weather is hot, can have an overwhelming effect.  Which is why a light, crisp, and refreshing wine like a Pinot Grigio is a popular warm weather wine.  Typically white wines are summer wines because they go best with grilled food and tend to be lighter,  but if you’re someone who prefers only reds, here are some helpful tips for serving red wines in the summer:

Served chilled – Open the bottle of red wine and put it in the refrigerator for half hour to an hour.  The wine will surprisingly taste light and refreshing.

Unoaked – These are normally lighter with a fruitier taste. This should be indicated on the label.

Low alcohol –  Choose wines that are 13% or lower as the effects of wine are greater in the heat.

Light bodied – These are generally wines that are less than 12.5% alcohol.  These are the types of wines that feel crisp and refreshing when sipped.

Most wines that are geared towards summer are made for the types of food generally served during the season. Foods like, a Salad “Framboise” made of baby spinach, radicchio, chicory and mixed Greens, tossed with walnuts, feta cheese, and a raspberry balsamic dressing  or a freshly grilled salmon fillet in a soy lemon butter sauce.  For the most part, a hint of fruit and citrus tastes are common ingredients in a variety of summer dishes which is why a glass Jackson Triggs Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent warm weather wine.

Another popular choice for warm weather wines is Crush Pinot Grigio paired deliciously with a marinated breast of chicken topped with dressed tomatoes, feta cheese, bell peppers, onions, basil, and oregano. Nothing tastes like summer more than a light crisp white wine sipped over a meal infused with the flavours of fresh vegetables and herbs.

You can actually taste all these delicious menu items in the Skylon Tower’s Revolving Dining Room, a premium restaurant in Niagara Falls with the best view of the Falls, the wine district, and the Niagara cityscape. It’s a truly unique and romantic dining experience for any occasion. Of all the Niagara Falls attractions, the Skylon Tower will definitely be the highlight of your trip. There are so many fun things to do in Niagara Falls, whether you’re with your significant other or with the whole family. The Skylon Tower is an ideal place to keep everyone entertained from fine dining, casual dining, the best views, and even the largest indoor arcade. We are located right in the heart of the entertainment district and walking distance from the Falls.  

Contact us to book a reservation in the Revolving Dining Room to taste our featured menu items paired with the best wines of summer.  We look forward to a great summer of Niagara Wines and creating lasting memories!

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