Enjoy Fall Themed Wines from Niagara

Enjoy a Fall Themed Wine from Niagara

As summer turns to fall weather starts to turn colder and the days get shorter. Canadians start thinking about turkey, the winter ahead, cozy nights spent in front of a warm fire, and wine… yes, wine! Although many of us associate a chilled rosé with warm summer evenings; if you’ve picked up a bottle of Niagara ice wine, or experienced the fall colours of the Niagara peninsula first hand at a winery tour then you’ll know fall and winter is a great season for wine.

Wine for every season

Wine is enjoyed year round, but different seasons call for different types of wine.

In winter many people prefer robust, full bodied reds. Or even mulled wine to keep warm and festive on a cold winter day. In spring, aromatic, fruity and light white wines, rosé, and sparkling wines are the perfect way to welcome the warmer days ahead. In summer crisp whites, rosé, sparkling wine, and easy to drink reds are perfect for quenching any wine-lovers thirst.

In early fall warmer days may call for light reds, whites and rosés. While later in the season one may prefer to match harvest foods with more full bodied reds. Ice wines are also becoming more popular in fall with harvest themed desserts.

Ice wine is a dessert wine perfect to pair with fall treats like pumpkin pie, butter tarts, beaver tail, or apple pie. Unlike more traditional wine, ice wine relies on the year’s first frost. The cold freezes the grapes while they are still on the vine, allowing for more grape must (freshly pressed grapes which still include the skin and seeds) to be pressed, resulting in a sweeter wine.

Of course everyone’s taste is different, and although the season should be taken into consideration, much more important is the meal that the wine will be paired with – check out Skylon Tower’s dining options for the perfect meal and wine pairing.

Fall wine in Niagara

There are many ways to enjoy wine during the fall in Niagara. You can buy Niagara wine across Canada and the world to enjoy at home. Experience fine dining with wine expertly paired with Canadian fall foods, or embark on winery tours in the Niagara area.

Fall wine tours in Niagara

When it comes to fall wine tours in Niagara you have three main options: you can plan your own tour using www.winesofontario.ca; you can join a pre-planned wine tour; or you can choose one winery in particular to visit.

Whatever option you choose, fall wine tours in Niagara combine beautiful fall colours with wine tasting. Fascinating insights from some of Canada’s foremost experts on the subject, and behind the scenes access to the entire wine process from vine to bottle. Whether you are a sommelier (or just think you are) or a newcomer to Niagara wines, fall wine tours make perfect fall getaways, or romantic outings for couples of all ages.

Enjoy wine this fall in Niagara

Wine and fall go together like, well, Niagara and wine. So next time you feel that first fall chill don’t start fretting about the winter just yet. Enjoy your favourite fall treat and pair it with a fall wine from Niagara!

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