Enjoy Some Family Play Time at Skylon Tower

Sometimes, it seems like restless kids can get impatient anywhere. Even on a family vacation with plenty to do, amazing sights to see and good food to enjoy. To be fair it’s their nature. Kids were built to play. So, Skylon Tower built a place for them to play: The Skylon Family Fun Centre.

All Sorts of Fun

The Skylon Family Fun Centre is filled with high-tech interactive games and rises. You’ll find something for everyone. Like arcade style video games, as well as carnival games like skeeball. So, your kids will be burning off that excited energy. And of course, there are prizes to be had once you have earned them with a few high scores!

Indoor Fun is Weatherproof

Conveniently located on the lower concourse level of Skylon Tower, the Family Fun Centre is actually Niagara’s largest indoor entertainment complex. You won’t have to leave the tower to enjoy carnival style fun with your family. Don’t worry if you’re surprised by some rain – it won’t stop you from having a day to play with the kids.

Come See Us in Winter

Indoor fun also means you can plan for an extended winter visit to Niagara Falls. The Falls have a unique beauty, especially when most larger crowds have gone and the raging water is framed by soft white snow and a calm, peaceful grey sky. Winter weather can be a deterrent with young children, though, since you wouldn’t want to keep them in the cold for too long. Particularly, getting every piece of snow gear on and off can be an ordeal.

With so much to do in the Family Fun Centre, you can enjoy a winter trip to the falls more easily. Enjoy winter’s beauty and then head back to enjoy some games and rides at Skylon Tower. Another attractive feature of a winter visit is that you will avoid the peak tourist season.

Food Court

Rounding off the Family Fun Centre is the food court, with many quick service favourites. Grab a quick lunch for the kids at Pizza Pizza or Mr. Sub as they work up an appetite. Or sit back with a coffee from Starbucks. Or you could cap off your day with some ice cream from Dairy Queen. Even with two top class restaurants farther up in the tower, we think it’s good to have some inexpensive, convenient, kid-approved options right at the heart of the fun.

Enjoying Skylon’s Attractions

Maybe the best part about Skylon’s Family Fun Centre is that admission is absolutely free! If you plan on coming to Skylon Tower, then you will be able to enjoy this fun filled family favourite as part of admission to the Tower. It’s one more way that Skylon has rounded out our experience to satisfy the whole family.

So, when you are planning your next trip to Niagara Falls remember to plan a visit to the Family Fun Centre. Your kids will love the tower top to bottom, from the view to the rides and games.

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