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Niagara Falls Negative Ions have a Positive Effect

From the Skylon Tower, it’s easy to get lost in the wonder and spectacle of the water tumbling down the length of the Niagara Falls, turning into rushing rapids that surge across the bottom of the gorge into the horizon. It’s easy to feel relaxed, almost euphoric, and to wind up with a sense of quiet well-being.

Have you ever wondered why, though? It might not just be that it’s a beautiful picture—and it is, especially from the Skylon Tower Observation Deck. In fact, the sheer amount of rushing, falling water may be injecting massive amounts of negative ions into Niagara Falls.

What are negative ions?

Well, when massive amounts of moving water is subjected to solar rays and movement, they split, produce an enormous amount of energy and dump what are called negative ions into the air. Other areas that might do this are forested and secluded areas, which explains why people so love to hike in the woods.

Negative ions are supposed to increase the capacity to absorb and use oxygen, which promotes that feeling of well-being that we were just talking about, and also improves the quality of sleep.

It shouldn’t be a real surprise that the Niagara Falls are known to be one of the world’s biggest sources of negative ions. If you were standing on the Skylon Tower Observation Deck, or sitting in the Skylon Tower Revolving Dining Room, the height, width and depth of the Niagara Falls would make it a total given that this is definitely a huge source of those amazing negative ions.

This could be why Niagara Falls has historically been a major destination for honeymooners and vacationers looking to get away from it all.

Imagine, visiting Niagara Falls is actually good for your health and mindset just because of the way that the water surges over the rockface and thunders down below.

From the Skylon Tower, you can see what we’re talking about. Way up there, you can actually see the difference in air quality because—that’s right—negative ions can actually suppress pollution, pollens, and aggressive pollen in the area. So just breathing the air in Niagara Falls, with its constant flow of waters, can be amazingly good for you.

You can, at that point, start to think of the entire Niagara Falls area as actually delivering on the sorts of things that a health spa would promise. The air is being cleaned, your nerves are being soothed, the oxygen—which, the cleaner it is, the more healthful it becomes for you—is flowing into you in massive, purer amounts than you’d get anywhere else, and it all combines to make your dinner at the Skylon Tower, your stay in Niagara Falls area, and your life in general way better for you.

So! Come to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, for the negative ions, the beauty of the Falls, and the Skylon Tower that watches over it all.


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Photo credit:  Christine Hess Photography

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