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Observation Deck offers a spectacular 360 degree view of the entire city including the Falls.

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Summit Suite Buffet serves up lunch and dinner 775 feet above the Niagara Falls.

Sightseeing at the Skylon Tower Observation Deck in Niagara Falls

Then National Geographic came out with the Top Ten Vista’s, Niagara Falls, United States and Canada, were at the top of the list. The article states that the best views can be seen from the Canadian side. When you are sightseeing at Niagara Falls, the best place to see these amazing views is from the Observation Deck at the Skylon Tower.

Beginning with the ride up the Skylon tower in the yellow bug glass enclosed elevator, the view just keeps getting better as you climb for 52 seconds to 775 feet above the mighty Falls. Boasting the highest vantage point in Niagara Falls, there are many sights to be seen from the Observation Deck.

A perfect activity for everyone, especially the kids, the Skylon Tower has completely different but equally amazing views in the winter and the summer. The record cold temperatures we have been experiencing this year have left Niagara Falls partially frozen on certain nights, allowing onlookers to see the Falls in an entirely new way. The Observation Deck is especially perfect in the winter season because it allows you to experience these amazing views while staying warm inside the Skylon Tower.

In the day, there are many sights to see in addition to Niagara Falls. From the Observation Deck, see the best views of Goat Island, Lake Erie, Rainbow Bridge, Table Rock, and of course Horseshoe Falls. In winter, look out on Lake Erie covered in ice, Goat Island covered in snow, and people skating on the public ice rinks. On a clear day, you can even see the skylines of Buffalo and Toronto.

At night time, the Skylon Tower is the perfect place to view the illumination of the Falls, the city lights, and the fireworks displays. The Falls were first lit in 1860 to celebrate a visit from the Prince of Wales. Since then, Niagara Falls has been illuminated for various events and causes since. Look out for special illuminations for different registered charities, helping to support their cause.

So buy your tickets to the Observation Deck here and experience Niagara Falls in a whole new way.

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