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Revolving Dining Room offers award-winning continental cuisine, with a legendary view.

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Observation Deck offers a spectacular 360 degree view of the entire city including the Falls.

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Summit Suite Buffet serves up lunch and dinner 775 feet above the Niagara Falls.

Food and Wine Pairings at Skylon Tower

A fine wine and good food along with breathtaking views… As far as simple pleasures go, it’s high on the list. If the wine and food are properly paired it might just be the best. A good pairing will enhance each and make your meal more than the sum of its parts. And while our menu suggests some optimal pairings, it’s interesting to know the factors that drive these pairings. What makes certain food and wine complimentary?


Wine is classified by “weight,” just like you might describe a rich meal as “heavy” or a salad as “light.” Alcohol is typically what makes a wine heavier, but the weight can also be influenced by other factors in the winemaking process. Generally speaking, weight has to do with the intensity of the flavour.


A pairings focus will either be on the food or the wine. Either the wine is complimenting the food, or the food is complementing the wine. The pair should have a similar “weight” but with one aspect being dominant. To avoid the food and wine competing, one should be “heavier” and more intense than the other. The focus of your meal is based on whichever of the two is heaviest.

Complement or Contrast  

These are the two ways to match a wine with food. You can match the flavours (like pairing a buttery, creamy Chardonnay with a creamy dish), or by contrasting it (by instead pairing that creamy dish with a crisp, acidic Sauvignon Blanc, for example). A complimentary wine will enhance and support the flavours of a dish while a contrasting wine will cut through the flavour and refresh the palate.

Regional Pairing

Pairing a dish with a wine from the same place of origin (like Italian food with Italian wine) is another simple way to choose wine and food that go well together. However, regional pairing will not guarantee a perfect match, but it does provide a template to start with.

Seasonal Wine

If you are looking for inspiration in your food and wine pairing, then consider a seasonal choice. With winter well and truly upon us, it might be a good time to sample a robust and full bodied red. For this option, you will want to look into Skylon Tower’s red meat options as it will not be overpowered by the wine’s bold flavour. With this hearty pairing you will feel warm, filled and satisfied on even the coldest winter day.

Local Wines

Of course one of the best parts of visiting the Niagara Region is trying some of its famous wine. Skylon Tower’s Revolving Dining Room menu includes a selection of locally made and award-winning wines. You may even choose a dish that focuses your taste buds on enjoying these Canadian favourites.

Pairing wine and food may seem complicated, but with a little insight, these two pleasures can add to one another. With this extra knowledge, you might start thinking of exploring and experimenting with new flavours as part of your mealtime ritual.

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