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Rainbows Over Niagara Falls

The Skylon Tower has a legendary view of rainbows over  Niagara Falls.  If you love rainbows, the Skylon Observation Deck, Revolving Dining Room or Summit Suite Buffet are the perfect locations to spot them.

History Rainbows Over Niagara Falls

The Niagara Parks Commission reports that “over one hundred years ago, Niagara Falls was also one of the best locations in the world to view night rainbows or lunar bows – a rainbow created by the light of the moon shining on the mist created by the Falls.

Lunar bows were last reported in the mid-1860s, the phenomenon was described as pale in comparison to the daytime rainbows, consisting of just three ghostly arches.  One of the best locations to view this phenomenon was Luna Island (apparently so named because of the lunar bow) on the American side of the river.” 

We don’t see Lunar Bows today now that the Falls are illuminated at night and the increased night lighting from the City of Niagara Falls Ontario and New York.

When Is the Best Time to See a Rainbow Over Niagara Falls?

On any sunny day when the sun later in the afternoon, rainbows over Niagara Falls are seen in the mist created by the falling water. The sun shines through the water droplets, reflecting light into the colors of the spectrum.  Because the sun rises in the east, rainbows are seen in the morning from the United States side. As the sun gets higher in the day, rainbows are seen on the Canadian side.   With the right vantage point, you can spot a stunning rainbow or even double rainbows at the falls.

How are Rainbows Over Niagara Falls Formed?

Rainbows appear when raindrops reflect sunlight, breaking white sunlight into colors. As light enters a water droplet, the different wavelength colors bend at slightly separate angles. … Since each raindrop is lit by the white light of the sun, a spectrum of colors is produced.

The Niagara Waterfalls flow down from a great height and as it crashes into the river below releasing mist and tiny droplets of water.  The mist remains densely suspended in the air, acting like billions of prisms that when the sunlight passes through it results in the formation of the spectacular rainbows that take on a variety of rainbow shapes arching over Niagara Falls.

360 Degree Rainbow

For rainbow aficionados, you’ll want to see the rare 360-degree rainbow.   This type of rainbow is a circular formation rather than a semi-circle.  To see this rare formation, you need to be at a high vantage point.  There’s a video on the Washington Post where guests dining at the Skylon Tower’s Revolving Dining Room captured this illusive rainbow over Niagara Falls.

If you’re looking for a restaurant with the best view of Niagara Falls the Skylon Tower is it.


Skylon Tower, Legendary View, Niagara Falls Ontario.

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