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Niagara Falls Fireworks & Illuminations

One of the most breathtaking sights you will ever experience is to gaze across the Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario. There are very few images around the world that can match it, and far fewer landmarks that are so easy to travel to.

City Officials like to say that the Municipality of Niagara Falls has the World’s Most Famous Address. The Falls are just that attractive that you want to be around them, that you want to take just one more look, to feel the mist touch your skin one last time before travelling home.

Luckily, there are numerous places from which to view the Falls. Just as important as where you view the Falls is when you view them. All day, the Falls can be seen in their natural state, gushing gallon after gallon of water over the brink. As the sunsets and the night begins, the Falls are illuminated with lights in all sorts of colour combinations, with special selections to commemorate holidays and world events. This ensures that the Falls are just as visible at night as in the day. As exciting as it can be to see the Falls change colour and watch the lights dance with the mist, things really hit a peak when the fireworks begin!

Most nights, they are illuminated by the powerful lights stationed a short distance away at the base of the escarpment. Starting in May, you can also come experience fireworks over the falls, in a thrilling duet of spectacular man-made and natural beauty. Be sure to pack your camera!

In 2019 the schedule kicks off Friday, May 17 and continues all through the long weekend with more shows on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. All shows start at 10 p.m.

May 17th to June 16th

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday

June 17th to September 2nd

  • Every day of the week

September 6th to October 13th

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Plus Holidays

Weekend shows (Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights) continue through to the first week of October with extra shows included on the Victoria Day, Canada Day, and Labour Day long weekends.

There are numerous places to stand and witness the fireworks display throughout the tourism and waterfront areas, but imagine a place to watch them from the sky where you can look down at the fireworks and falls all at once! There is only one place in Niagara Falls that offers such a unique and desired view of the fireworks over the Falls, and that is the Skylon Tower. Teh Falls and fireworks displays can be viewed from both the world famous Revolving Dining Room and Summit Suite Buffet. Of course there is always the indoor/outdoor Observation Deck where you have free range of a 360 degree view from 750 feet above the Falls!

As this is such a unique and popular experience, reservations are required if you want to take in the fireworks from any of our viewing platforms. Check out our master list of events in Niagara Falls and have the fun you deserve!

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