Mother’s Day in Niagara Falls

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly, and spring has finally arrived in Niagara Falls. The most popular Mother’s Day gifts are obvious: flowers, candles, gift cards, spas, perfume, and chocolates are all favourites. If you’re looking for a gift that’s intangible—something that Mom won’t expect—there are several great activities happening in ‘The Falls’. On Mother’s Day, it’s always good to spend time with family…and chocolate!

The Niagara Parkway is where many tourists flock to see the beautiful spring flowers, including daffodils, magnolia trees, 1,200 aromatic lilac bushes, and hybrid tea rose garden. Take a ride or walk along the parkway to see the American, Bridal, and Canadian Horseshoe Falls.  

Make your Mother’s Day a full action-packed weekend with an amazing dinner at the Skylon Tower.  A spectacular view and spectacular food for a spectacular Mom.

Whatever you do this Mother’s Day weekend, we wish you the best! Happy Mother’s Day

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