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Meat the Press: Craving a Good Steak? 4 Cuts of Steak You Should Know About

For beef lovers, nothing is more satisfying than enjoying a succulent steak, grilled perfectly to their desire. These types of beef lovers know exactly what cut they want and how they prefer their steak to be grilled.  For the rest of us, we’d like to join the steak lover’s club but the whole task of ordering a steak to begin with, is a challenge in itself.  Where to start? What’s a T-bone anyway?

Well, luckily our expert Chefs at the Skylon Tower want to share their knowledge on 4 different cuts of steak you should know about to help you choose the best steak for your appetite to be savoured along with breathtaking views of our Niagara Falls restaurant!  Here they are:


Also, known as a Filet Mignon or a Chateaubriand, the most expensive cut of steak.  It is normally more compact, thick but smaller in size.  The meat is very lean, fine-grained in texture, the tenderest cut of steak with a buttery and mild in flavour.  

The Skylon Tower serves a delicious  Filet Mignon “Béarnaise”.  An 8 ounce beef tenderloin steak with red wine and béarnaise sauces.  A very delicious choice for every steak lover.

New York Strip

This cut of steak is also known as top loin or strip loin, which is normally served boneless.  The New York Strip has a “juicy” beef flavour which comes from the slight fat marbling throughout the cut and on one side of the cut, which keeps the steak’s tenderness while it’s grilled.

Try the Certified Angus New York Striploin Steak “Marchand de Vin” at the Skylon Tower.  A
12 ounce steak well marbled and aged to perfection, grilled to your liking.


A T-Bone could also be known as a Porterhouse steak depending on the size.  The name pretty much sums it up, this cut of steak has a “T” shaped bone as part of the cut.  This particular cut has a more generous amount of fat marbling throughout compared to a New York Stip, which makes it very tender, buttery in flavour, and rich in beef flavour.   A real steak lovers treat!

The Skylon Tower serves a delicious 14 ounce veal Loin T-Bone.  The finest milk fed white veal, topped with a medallion of Infused butter with pink peppercorns.  


This particular cut could be served bone in or boneless.  Of all cuts of steak mentioned so far, the ribeye contains the most fat marbling throughout.  Perhaps the name Ribeye comes from the fact that the center of the steak, the “eye” has fine grain meat while the outer parts become loose and fattier.   This cut of steak is for the expert steak lover.

Try the 12 ounce Roast Prime Rib of Beef au Jus.  Rubbed with coarse salt, slowly roasted to your liking, accompanied by a horseradish cream sauce.

Learning to cook these fine cuts can be tricky.  Thicker cuts are best when the outside is seared until the outside is brown and then reducing the heat to cook evenly throughout.  While other cuts like a T-Bone may cook quicker and without proper experience and skill, could burn easily or lose its tenderness very quickly.  Let our Chefs at the Skylon Tower cook you a perfectly grilled steak to your desire.  

Contact the Skylon Tower to book your reservation in our Revolving Dining Room during your next visit to Niagara Falls.

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