Experience the Positive Effect of Negative Ions at Niagara Falls

When visiting Niagara Falls, it’s easy to get lost in the wonder and spectacle of the tumbling waters, flashing lights, fireworks, and world-class performances. Having the Skylon Tower as a trusted landmark to orient yourself is always a great help. But there’s something else people notice about Niagara Falls, something subtle yet sudden when they feel the mist, inhale the fresh Niagara air, and gaze at the Falls colliding into the Lower River, as it makes its way into the open waters of Lake Ontario at Niagara-on-the-Lake. So what gives us that easy, relaxed, almost euphoric feeling of quiet well-being in the midst of thousands of other people?

Waterfalls are a natural source of negative ions, which can have positive physiological effects on mood and stress levels, as well as help some people breathe easier. The sheer amount of rushing, falling water releases massive amounts of negative ions into the air surrounding Niagara Falls. Secluded and forested areas are also known to have greater amounts of negative ions compared to urban, developed areas. There are plenty of hiking opportunities surrounding Niagara Falls as well, with the region being home to a diverse and unique ecosystem.

So how do negative ions affect the body? Negative ions have the ability to increase one’s capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen, which promotes feelings of well-being along with improved sleep quality. Positive results vary by individual, while negative ions continue to be discussed in regard to Niagara Falls and the feeling one gets as they take it all in.

Niagara Falls is also considered one of the world’s largest sources of negative ions, alongside Victoria Falls in Zambia and Yosemite Falls in California. With such a giant output of these negative ions, be sure you can enjoy their effect even from 775 feet above the Falls at the Skylon Tower’s Observation Deck. Enjoy a free ride in our Yellow Bug Elevators and access to both our indoor and outdoor decks when you dine at our world-class Revolving Dining Room, where you’ll enjoy a panoramic view of the mighty Niagara as it pours out all of those feel-good vibes into the sky! Way up there, you can actually see the difference in air quality because—that’s right—negative ions can actually suppress pollution, allergens, and aggressive pollen in the area. Just breathing the air around Niagara Falls, with its constant flow of water, can do wonders for your health and mindset.

This is just one of the many attractive qualities of Niagara Falls. It is a testament to its status as the Honeymoon Capitol as well as a popular tourist destination for people of all ages from around the globe for over 150 years. Niagara is a place where you can get away from it all, right in the middle of it all. Imagine a destination where you can enjoy fun while reaping the rejuvenating benefits just from being near the Falls! Find yourself refreshed day after day with a stroll along the Parkway or a picnic at Queenston Heights.

Clean air calms the nerves, and calm nerves make for a better vacation. Put the cherry on top—the very top—of your vacation with dinner at the Skylon Tower, and bring home lasting memories along with all of the benefits you experienced from the millions of negative ions swirling around in the atmosphere.

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