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Skylon Tower Showcases Niagara Region’s Top Wines

Enjoy a Local Wine With Our One-of-a-Kind View of the Falls

Skylon Tower, nothing compliments our one-of-a-kind stunning view like a glass of the Niagara Peninsula’s top wines. Our extensive wine menu features the most exclusive local vintages including sparkling wines and sweet wines from Château des Charmes and Henry of Pelham, white wines from Hernder Estate, Tawse Winery, Inniskillin, Hillebrand and Le Clos Jordanne and rich red wines from Cave Spring Vineyards, Creekside Estates and Jackson Triggs.

Whether you’re in the area to tour Niagara’s tops wineries or are exploring the Niagara region and just discovered the area’s rich wine heritage you’ll be interested to learn more about some of the region’s top wine varieties.


Riesling is a very fruity and aromatic type of grape that for hundreds of years has been known as the go-to grape to produce white wine. The Riesling grape produces extremely diverse styles of white wines, depending on where it is grown. The Niagara Peninsula is home to some of the world’s top Rieslings. The area’s cool climate is ideal for the slow development required to produce Riesling grapes with a distinct flavour that is typical of white wine. Hernder Estate, Tawse Winery and Château des Charmes are local wineries known for their distinct Rieslings.   

Cabernet & Merlot

A cabernet is a classic red wine that usually has a savory taste – often with black currant and pepper undertones. Hernder Estate is well known for their cabernet, with 2008 standing out as an excellent year.

A merlot is a popular, smooth finishing red wine that pairs well with different types of food. Merlots offer a fruity taste – often with plum and cherry undertones. Some of the area’s top merlots are produced by Hillebrand and Jackson Triggs.

Cabernet and merlot often blend well with other types of wine. Popular blends include Château des Charmes’ Reserve ‘Rouge’ which is a blend of cabernet, merlot and pinot noir. Another popular blend is the cabernet merlot – a dry, medium-bodied wine. Cabernet merlots combine the savory tastes of spices like pepper with fruity flavours like plums and blackberries. Local wineries that specialize in cabernet merlots include Cave Spring Vineyards, Inniskillin and Peller Estates.

Sweet Wines

Late harvest wines are often known as sweet wines or ice wines and these wines are usually paired with desserts. Ontario’s cold climate makes the Niagara region one of the top sweet wine producers in the world. To produce sweet wine the grapes are kept on the vine throughout autumn. The freeze-thaw cycle of the early winter months helps to dehydrate the grapes which intensifies their sweetness. The flavours made from these late harvest grapes result in an intensely sweet, complex wine. Château des Charmes and Henry of Pelham are two of Niagara’s top sweet wine/ice wine producers.

It’s no wonder that the Niagara region is famous for wine. With award-winning, world class wineries scattered throughout the Niagara Peninsula the area is a top destination for wine connoisseurs, lovers and enthusiasts.

Reserve your table now to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at Niagara’s famous Skylon Tower.  Don’t forget to check out our Revolving Dining Room and Summit Suite menus.

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