How to Order Gluten Free

Ordering ‘Gluten Free’ is simple at the Skylon Tower, it mostly involves some tweaking to the breading or sauces that exist within our current menu.  Ask your server for our gluten-free menu upon arrival.  

Lunch Menu

Here’s a list of those lunch items that would need to have alterations made and what would need to be removed:

Menu Item 
Large Baked Burgundy Escargot * No breading
Caesar Salad * No croutons
Chicken Caesar Salad * No croutons, or garlic bread
Mediterranean Chicken * No rice pilaf
Certified Angus New York Sirloin Steak * No red wine sauce
Filet Mignon “Bernaise” * No red wine sauce
Surf & Turf * No breading on the lobster and no red wine sauce
Grilled Fresh Atlantic Salmon Filet * No hollandaise sauce
Seafood Symphony * With potato or no rice and ask for no sauce

Dinner Menu

Here are the dinner menu items that would need alterations:

Menu Item 
Canadian Smoked Salmon *No bread
Large Baked Burgundy Escargot *No breading
Caesar Salad *No croutons
Grilled Fresh Atlantic Salmon Filet *No hollandaise sauce
Grilled New York Sirloin Steak *No red wine sauce
Filet Mignon *No red wine sauce
Mediterranean Chicken *No rice pilaf

If you have severe gluten sensitivity please notify your server prior to ordering.

We’ve got your gluten-free needs covered at the Skylon Tower.



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