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Revolving Dining Room offers award-winning continental cuisine, with a legendary view.

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Observation Deck offers a spectacular 360 degree view of the entire city including the Falls.

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Summit Suite Buffet serves up lunch and dinner 775 feet above the Niagara Falls.

A Look Forward to Spring in Niagara Falls

This may be premature, but we are firm believers in hopeful thinking, Spring is here! The calendar said so, so it must be true, right?

So with the warmer weather coming on, there is one thing we cannot stop daydreaming about: Wine and Festival Season in Niagara! We recently did a winter wine tour which was incredible, but there is simply nothing like enjoying the warm weather and scenery in the summer like a good tour or festival.

The greatest thing about the tours are that you learn and try different wines that you would never normally drink. We became members at Trius which included two bottles of their featured wine a month.  Another little hidden gem we stumbled upon was Oast Brewery, and get this- they have a full room dedicated to playing ping pong. Not to mention their gastro-pub local in season ingredients, which made up their served lunch was amazing.

The added bonus about the winter tour was the buzz in the air about the Summer Festivals in Niagara. If you like food and music, separately or together- then this is the summer for you! You like Jazz? We got your Jazz. You like Folk? We go your Folk. Do you like truck filled with local food? Well, there is even a festival dedicated to food trucks! This summer is literally jam packed with outdoor festivals. Operative word: Outdoor.

Yes, we are used to long winters. However, we are not used to long, long winters. We could go on, but we’ve taken a turn in our thinking- think it and it will come. We are developing a little bit of cabin fever from being indoors for the past six (seven?) months, but just reaching 5 degrees this week is better than last! It will only be a matter of time until we can get out on the observation deck to enjoy that view of the Falls that simply never gets old.

It may not time to ditch the boots and jackets yet, but one things for sure, it is coming and we will be ready to take it on like we always do!

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