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Does Niagara Falls Freeze?

For years, travellers have wondered – does Niagara Falls freeze? The city itself sure does, as any resident will tell you. The community gets really cold in winter with all the water surrounding it. But the waterfalls themselves? Well … Strictly speaking, the falls do not freeze. There’s simply too much water (six million cubic… Read more

Jay Cochrane and the Skylon Tower

The Skylon Tower once played host to a man who would never refer to himself as a daredevil but who has actually accomplished some of the more incredibly risky feats ever to be undertaken in the Niagara Falls region. Jay Cochrane once walked on a tightrope, over the Niagara waterways which are filled by the… Read more

New Illumination Technology Lights up Niagara Falls

A brand new way of illuminating Niagara falls was unveiled in December 2016.  The new illumination technology consists of a 4 million dollar LED illumination array.  A project that bi-national Niagara Falls Illumination Board had been championing since the television production of Nik Wallenda walking across the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.  On June 12, 2012 the… Read more

Show your Romantic Side with Fun Date Ideas

Paris might be the city of love, but Niagara can’t be far behind. From the power of mother nature, to the bright lights of Clifton Hill, Niagara is home to an unrivaled mix of natural and manmade romantic attractions. Check out these 14 fun date ideas to help you harness your romantic side. 14) Watch… Read more

Spring Cleaning at Skylon

Spring cleaning is being taken to a whole new level this year and Skylon Tower is getting a serious face lift from Karcher Cleaning. If there is one thing these guys know, it is power cleaning. From Mount Rushmore to the Space Needle, Karcher Cleaning has years of experience in taking the world’s greatest treasures… Read more

History of an Icon – The Skylon Tower

The Skylon Tower officially opened in June of 1964 in Niagara Falls, Canada and since that day, it has been a permanent fixture of the Niagara Falls skyline. The iconic landmark perched over the majestic Niagara Falls has thousands of visitors every year, each and every one of them ascending and descending in those yellow… Read more