How to Order Gluten Free

Ordering ‘Gluten Free’ is simple at the Skylon Tower, it mostly involves some tweaking to the breading or sauces that exist within our current menu. … Read More

Spring in Niagara Falls Ontario

Though Winter seems relentless this year, signs of Spring can be found all around the Skylon Tower, in the Fallsview District of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Read More

Rainbows Over Niagara Falls

The Skylon Tower has a legendary view of rainbows over  Niagara Falls.  If you love rainbows, the Skylon Observation Deck, Revolving Dining… Read More

Mother’s Day in Niagara Falls

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and spring is finally here in Niagara Falls. The most popular Mother’s Day gifts are obvious with flowers, candles, gift… Read More