Skylon Tower Customer Reviews

Read what some of our past visitors have to say when they visited this popular Niagara Falls Attraction

We get thousands of visitors every year from all over the world that visit the Skylon Tower for its breathtaking view that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the Niagara Falls region. It doesn’t matter how many times you have visited Niagara Falls, the Skylon Tower provides a view that will leave your camera craving for more spectacular shots of the landscape below. You may even want to visit the Skylon Tower twice in the same day to see the beautiful view during the day and the amazing view at night that includes the illumination of the Falls, one of the staple, nightly Niagara Falls attractions.

Read some of the reviews below from some of our past visitors. They all highly recommend that Skylon Tower is an attraction not to pass up during your Niagara Falls vacation.


“The view during the day was breathtaking, but spectacular at night, as well. Be sure to go back up and be on the deck at 9 when the lights go on…very cool!” – Melissa H., Barnhart, MO*

“We took in the Skylon tower as part of a tour we took of Niagara Falls. We went up the tower during the day and the view was fabulous, but as part of our tower we were allowed to return at night to see the view at night. We were able to see the falls lit up at night, as well on the Friday night they set off fireworks. What a great way to see the beauty of the falls and the fireworks show.” – Karen B., Thunder Bay, Canada*

“The process of designing and building towers like this is sheer engineering genius! It also looks magnificent from all directions. The lift taking you to the top is fast, quiet and jerk free, a pleasure. I took a few shots from several viewpoints during the day and several shots from the top at night-time – it’s a different world! Go there and enjoy it.” – George S., Edinburgh, United Kingdom*

“Circular observation deck allows panoramic views of the city as well as the falls. Not to be missed. You can see the falls and city on the Skywheel, but this view allows more time to relish the scenery.” – Alice L., Silver Spring, Maryland, United States*

“Fantastic, out of this world view. Highly recommend this attraction Great staff, very helpful and informative.” Joanne C., Greenfield Massachusetts, United States*

“I am afraid of heights but when I got to the top and sat down for dinner the waitress made me feel very comfortable and the service from her was out of this world. I want to thank her for what she did for me and also give the restaurant a 2 thumb up. Thank You Katrina for the service you gave me, hope other people go and eat there and have you as their waitress.” Marc P., Ottawa, Canada*

“Short elevator ride to top. Great panoramic view of Niagara Falls area. Points of interest locations around top level that shares history of area.” – Andrea O., Phoenix, Arizona*

“This was part of our day tour, the view of the area around Niagara Falls was great. The day we were there the sky as clear and we could see the CN tower in Toronto.” – John C., Scottsburg, Indiana*

“Compared to some of the other attractions around here this one is a must see. Not too expensive for the experience and the view that you get of the falls and surrounding area is amazing. If you do nothing else on your visit you have to get this one in” – Steve, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan*

“We loved being able to see both falls at once, as well as the great lakes and the Toronto skyline! Also, the tower has little informational plaques all the way around the observation deck that point out and explain landmarks. This was the closest thing to a museum that we could find on our trip to Niagara. It was really interesting and helpful for us to understand the area!” – Julia K., Parsippany, New Jersey, United States*

“We had a evening lay-over in Toronto so we decided to rent a car and drive to Niagara Falls. We are glad we did! What an amazing site all lit up at night. We walked along the main falls, but it was damp and really cold, so we decided to make our way to the Skylon Tower and see if it was still open. It was, so we paid our admission and went up to take in the sites. It was a spectacular view! We then decided to end the evening with a coffee and dessert in the restaurant. It was a great way to warm up and appreciate the falls. We will be back to spend more time in what seemed like a really neat place!” – Katie, Edmonton, Canada*

“This was very nice and it was even nicer that they participated in Earth Hour! It was very nice, very clean, and an overall great experience! I will be telling my friends and family to go up the tower!” – Andrea T., Orilla, Ontario*

“I go to the Skylon every once in a while… The revolting dinning room is amazing! All u see is a 360 view of the falls and downtown Niagara Falls! The other dinning room is also amazing. The arcade is crazy.. It has soooo much stuff to do… I will go again!” – Patrick R., Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada*

“Growing up in Western NY I remember the Skylon Tower and it’s view. Visiting and going to the top was just as breathtaking as I remember as a kid. I could see all the way to Toronto!” – Dawn, Simpsonville, South Carolina*

“Loved every minute at the top of the Skylon Tower, and what great views from the Canadian side. Even the ride up and down on the outside of the tower was different.” – Gerald B., Moores Pocket, Queensland, Australia*

“The tower is 800 feet high compared to the falls and the view is breath taking. 360 degrees, indoor or out. It gives you a totally different persective of the falls. A must do when in the area.” – Gene., Columbus, Ohio*

“You can see everything from the top of the Skylon Tower….you feel like a bird in flight soaring on top of the world.. The lights at night of Niagara Falls are spectacular.” – Cathy B., Columbia, South Carolina*

“We decided to go up at night so we could see the illumination of the falls. One of my favorite experiences. I had my camera with me and got some great shots. It’s an unbelievable view from up there.” – Keri T., Concord, New Hampshire, United States*

“There’s a elevator that takes you to the top in 52 seconds. The view is amazing from the tower. IT IS A MUST DO!!!” – Rozie., Hartford, Connecticut*

“We went up at night and had great views of the falls and fireworks! We ate at the restaurant and that included the price of admission. Worth the trip up!” – Michelle D., Powell, Ohio, United States*

“You understand why professional photographers go up in this tower to get pictures, it has the best view. The elevator ride is cool too. I would recommend if you are heading to the Canadian side you take the trip up. The pictures I took from here were truly my best.” – Danielle T., Columbia, Missouri, United States*

“Just like the Empire State Building in New York City and the CN Building in Toronto this is one of those tourist sites you have to experience.” – Tim H., Athens, Georgia, United States*

“Delightful spot for all photographers! Great view of the falls and Niagara Falls. Best time to come at night to observe the lighting of the falls and the fireworks.” – Kris K., Chicago, Illinois, United States*

“The view from the Tower is great. We were able to take a photo of our reflection in the windows with the reflection of the Falls. Turned out very well.” – Diana C., Hedgesville, West Virginia, United States*

*All Reviews Were Taken From TripAdvisor

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